We Could All Use a Little More Self Compassion In Our Lives

Are you tired of feeling depressed, anxious or burnt out because you’re able to be there for everyone else, but struggle to give yourself the same support?

Do you notice that you are extra hard on yourself when you go through big life transitions and just don’t feel capable or good enough?

Have you been struggling to sit with and accept uncomfortable emotions when they arise?

Do you have problems in your relationships because you keep second guessing how you act and what you say?

This is exactly why I created the Path To Self Compassion Mini Course, to help you get unstuck and learn how to give yourself permission to stop that negative internal dialogue that’s been getting in your way. 

Learn how to notice when you’re being hard on yourself

I also want you to know that yes in some ways self compassion is self love and affirmations, but it is really so much more!

  • Understand where you learned these negative thoughts that you may or may not be aware of right now

  • Know that it is absolutely ok to experience emotions that are uncomfortable

  • Give yourself the same type of support and validation you would give to a friend looking for your love and compassion.

Whether we recognize it or not, we have thoughts all day long!

Hundreds if not thousands or maybe even millions of thoughts. The thing is though, we’re not always aware of our thoughts.

Even worse, we aren’t always able to notice how our thoughts may either be hurting us or helping us. 

We may notice that we’re struggling in relationships with people we care about, have difficulty when going through a major life change, or feel exhausted and anxious constantly; but what we may not know is that this is usually related to the negative internal messages we are telling ourselves. 

In the Path To Self Compassion mini course, I want to teach you how to notice when you’re being hard on yourself and when this is getting in your way!

What's Inside

  • Educational Slides

    Including the compassionate mind model, how we develop either a threat or compassion response, examples of threat vs compassion, and how they show up in our lives. You will be able to recognize when you are having a threat response, and rewire this to turn towards a place of compassion.

  • Audio/Video

    While you are reviewing the slides, you will have guided audio by me to walk through the information and give you tons of examples I have seen show up in the work I do with my clients! I will explain the different ways we can use self compassion, and how these strategies can benefit you.

  • I’m Katelin Hanhart

    A licensed clinical social worker who’s been practicing in the field of mental health and addiction for the past 10 yrs. I’m here sharing this course with you, because I am a strong advocate for the topic of self compassion!

I absolutely know what it feels like not to feel good enough.

Because I really want you to get the benefits of self compassion, I’m offering this course right now for a one time payment of $59.95.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    course introduction

    • course goal

    • welcome

  • 2

    Understanding Self Compassion

    • The compassionate mind model

    • Explaining the model

    • understanding how the model affects us

    • drive meets threat

    • drive meets compassion

    • worksheet to review personal experience with threat and compassion

  • 3

    Impact of Compassion and Threat

    • impact of compassion and threat

    • compassion and threat in adult life

    • drive meets threat

    • drive meets compassion

    • additional threat based beliefs

    • additional compassion based beliefs

  • 4

    Self compassion practices

    • a compassionate self image

    • Building A Compassionate Self Image

    • guided self compassion

    • self compassion practice: letter from a friend

    • self compassion guided practice

    • self compassion: exploring what we want